Directly opposite to a commercial district and a well-traveled street, 24 row-houses have been designed to integrate into the new urban fabric of the Issaquah Highlands community.The project also provides a transition and wall from a single-family district to the denser commercial district and busy street. The masonry buildings in a Georgian style are an exercise in rhythm, proportion, and try to work toward a sophisticated classical understatement.
The 24 units are divided into 2 buildings, divided by a street, that form a single line of homes. All of the units have home offices with entrances directly from the street. Traditional stoops provide access from the street to the raised, residential entrances.The stepped entries to the building have planters that create seating areas for pedestrians walking up the hill and small terrace areas for the residents. The adjacency of these two areas will help foster interaction between the residents and the community passing by on the street.The alley behind the buildings provides access to the garages and space for private raised decks.